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Bruce Alonzo Goff (1904-1982)

Born: Alton, Kansas
Training: Apprenticed to Rush, Endacott & Rush
Oklahoma License: 1930
Tulsa Practice: 1915-1934

Goff graduated from Central High School, Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1922. In 1934, he joined Chicago artist Alfonso Iannelli for a brief period and then taught at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts. In 1947, Goff became a professor at the University of Oklahoma. In January of 1948, he became Chairman of the Department of Architecture and resigned December, 1955.


  • Rush, Endacott & Goff, 1929-1930 (E. A. Rush, Asbury Endacott)
  • Endacott & Goff, 1930-1934


  • Tulsa Club, northwest corner 5th and Cincinnati (1927, Rush, Endacott & Rush; Bruce Goff, Designer)
  • Page Warehouse, southeast corner 13th and Elgin (1927, Rush, Endacott & Rush; Bruce Goff, Designer)*
  • Guaranty Laundry, southeast corner 11th and South Xanthus Place (1928, Rush, Endacott & Rush; Bruce Goff, Designer)
  • Boston Avenue Methodist Church, 13th and Boston (1929, Rush, Endacott & Rush; Bruce Goff, Designer)
  • Riverside Studio (Spotlight Theater) northwest corner of Houston Ave and Riverside Drive (1929, Rush, Endacott & Goff)
  • Midwest Equitable Meter Company (Natco Building ft4) 3130 Charles Page Boulevard (1929, Rush, Endacott & Goff)
  • Merchants Exhibit Building, Tulsa State Fairgrounds (1930, Endacott & Goff)*
  • Seabee Chapel, Camp Park, California (1945)
  • Bavinger House, Norman, Oklahoma (1950)
  • Price Studio, Bartlesville, Oklahoma (1953)
  • Price Studio #2, Bartlesville, Oklahoma (1956)


A 1925 article features a house, designed by Goff, located at 2262 South Troost. In it, young Goff explains that he has developed a “truly American” architecture that avoids any features that mark the Spanish, Italian, English or Dutch types of architecture.

The published address of this house has always been incorrect, perhaps by Goff’s design. Many years ago, Goff remarked to Blaine Imel, AIA when asked about the Goff house at 31st and Peoria, “Blaine, there will come a time in your career that you will not claim a work you have done”.