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Edward Buehler Delk, AIA (1885-1956)

Born: Scholarie, New York
Training: University of Pennsylvania, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
University of London, London, England, Graduate Studies


  • Plaza Shopping Center, Kansas City, Missouri (1923-1924, with the J. C. Nichols Company)
  • Millcreek Building, Kansas City, Missouri (1923-1924)
  • Kansas City Country Club, Kansas City, Missouri (1925)
  • Millcreek Viaduct, Kansas City, Missour (1926, Kansas City Park Board)
  • Villa Philmont, Cimmarron, New Mexico (1926)
  • Philbrook (Philbrook Art Center) 27th and South Rockford (1927)
  • Philtower Building, northeast corner 4th and Boston (1927, Delk and Keene & Simpson, Associated Architects)
  • Starlight Theater, Swope Park, Kansas City, Missouri (1950)
  • Mary Hibbard Residence, 6101 Mission Drive, Kansas City, Missouri
  • T. J, Madden Residence, 1001 West 57th Street, Kansas City, Missouri
  • Dr. T. G. Orr Residence, 5930 Mission Boulevard, Kansas City, Missouri
  • Delk practiced in Kansas City, Missouri from 1922 to 1956. He was brought to Oklahoma by Waite Phillips to do work for Phillips Petroleum in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. There, Delk built a house for Frank Phillips and several vice-presidents of Phillips Petroleum. The Dr. T. G. Orr residence was awarded the Gold Medal for design from the Kansas City AIA. Philbrook and the Philtower Building are on the National Register of Historic Places.