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John, Thomas Blair, AIA (1885-1976)

Born: Ozark, Missouri
Training: Self Educated
Oklahoma License: 1926
Tulsa Practice: 1910-1037


  • Blair Brothers, 1910-1926 (Joseph E. Blair)
  • Blair & Calderwood, ca. 1932 (William Calderwood)


  • KVOO Transmitter Station, 15050 East 11th Street (1932)
  • J. Flanagan Residence, 2202 South Madison
  • J. Duffy Residence, 1131 East 21st Place
  • W. G. Skelly Residence, 2101 South Madison
  • Blair Brothers was the major construction company in Tulsa until the Depression. John T. Blair, Charles Evans and Fred Knoblock did all of the design work and working drawings for Blair Brothers. They designed and built houses in Stonebreaker Heights, Maple Ridge, Sunset Terrace and Forrest Hills. The W. G. Skelly residence is on the National Register of Historic Places.