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Lawrence E. Blue, AIA (1874-1963)

Born: Chillicothe, Missouri
Training: Apprenticeship
Oklahoma License: 1925-1952
Tulsa Practice: 1910-1963 


  • Blue & Blue, 1927-1931 (Clarence H. Blue)


  • Memorial Park and Chapel, southeast corner of 51st and Memorial (1928, Blue & Blue)
  • Tom S. Loffland Residence, 3105 South Peoria (Fred Knoblock and L. E. Blue, Associated Architects)
  • Cass A. Mayo Residence, 2301 South Boston
  • John D. Mayo Residence, 1401 South Cheyenne
  • Blue’s later work after 1928 was related to a continuing architectural and engineering development of Memorial Park, Tulsa and Memorial Park, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
  • Harry B. Blue (1895- ), Lawrence Blue’s brother, was a designer who worked with many architects in Tulsa from 1920 to 1943. Although never licensed, he designed the terra cotta on the Bliss Hotel and the Fairground’s Pavilion, and did many renderings for L.I. Shumway. He also did a rendering of Will Rogers High School. Blue worked for the Library of Congress on the Historic Preservation Committee. He currently resides in Portland, Oregon.