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Leslie B. Simpson, AIA (1885-1961)

Born: Calhoun, Missouri
Training: Studied architectural correspondence courses (Calhoun, Missouri)
Apprenticed to Henry Hoit, Kansas City, Missouri


  • Keene & Simpson, 1919-1955, Kansas City, Missouri (Arthur S. Keene)
  • Keene, Simpson & Murphy, 1955-1961 (John T. Murphy)


  • Philtower Building, northeast corner 5th and Boston (1927-1928, Keene & Simpson and E. B. Delk, Associated Architects)
  • Scottish Rite Temple (WWII Memorial Building) Kansas City, Missouri (1930, Keene & Simpson)
  • Jackson County Court Houses, Kansas City, Missouri and Independence, Missouri (1933, Keene & Simpson)
  • E. J. Sweeney Residence, 5921 Ward Park Place, Kansas City, Missouri (Keene & Simpson)
  • Simpson was licensed in Missouri. The Philtower is on the National Register of Historic Places.