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William Alva Fry, AIA (1889-1965)

Born: Grandin, Missouri (also reported as Streetor, Illinois)
Training: International Correspondence Schools, Scranton, Pennsylvania (Architectural Engineering), 1908 (also reported as having studied in St. Louis and Illinois)
Oklahoma License: 1947-1964
Tulsa Practice: 1920-1965

Fry designed many bungalows in the midtown and Brookside area. From 1945 to 1965 he was Field superintendent for Leon Senter & Associates. He served as safety director for the WPA from about 1934 to 1942. At the time of his death, he lived on Reservior Hill (2219 North Boston Place) in north Tulsa.


If you live in a mid-town 4 or 6-plex, chances are, it was designed by Alva Fry, AIA.
Some of these include:

  • Gavin Apartments, southwest corner 8th and Cheyenne (1922)
  • Barry Apartments, southeast corner 10th and Cincinnati (1922)
  • Ahlum Apartments, west side of Denver between 14th and 15th (1922)
  • Tulsa World Model Home, 1546 South Yorktown Place (1923)
  • Residences for Neil Grubb –
    1216 East 25th Street,
    1204 East 25th Street,
    1238 Hazel Boulevard,
    1143 Hazel Boulevard