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More Parking?

Tulsa Wants Your Feedback

A moratorium on surface parking in downtown Tulsa has been proposed.

Which of these photos match your vision of Downtown Tulsa?

More buildings…

..or more surface parking?

Parking as a Principal Use

Currently surface parking is an acceptable primary use for property in Tulsa’s Central Business District (CBD). But we believe the removal of existing structures for the express purpose of creating new surface parking lots is detrimental to our city’s future and the economic health of Tulsa.

A proposed amendment to the current zoning code would address this issue.

If accepted the change would prevent demolition of structures within the CBD for the sole purpose of creating new surface parking, and would require plans for a new building to be presented with an application for demolition. The change would not affect existing parking lots. TFA fully supports this proposal.

TFA encourages you to offer support for these potential regulatory changes in downtown Tulsa.

Offer Your Feedback…

FeedBack is an online forum for civic engagement. Read what others are saying about important Tulsa topics, then post your own statement. City officials will read the statements and incorporate them into their decision process.  FeedBack is run by Peak Democracy, a non-partisan company whose mission is to broaden civic engagement and build public trust in government.