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From the TFA Archives: Join us for the Mayo Hotel Exhibit

Photo courtesy of TFA Archives. All rights reserved.

This blueprint of the historic Mayo Hotel dates from 1922. It shows beautiful hand-drawn details of the exterior as well as layouts for the ballroom, banquet hall, dining room, and kitchen. Designed by George Winkler, the Mayo Hotel underwent an interesting journey from its grand opening and courting of the stars, to its sad demise in 1981, to its triumphant restoration in 2009. Our upcoming exhibit, “Old is New: Transforming Tulsa with the Oklahoma Historic Tax Credit,” tells this fascinating story, demonstrating how Historic Tax Credits were used to restore the Mayo Hotel to its former glory and continue to transform Tulsa.

Would you like to see more drawings like this one? Come view the exhibit, on display at the OU-Tulsa Schusterman Library until May 26. Thank you to everyone who joined us at the opening reception. We are glad you all enjoyed the event!

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