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  • Volunteer


Are you interested in giving back to your community through volunteering with Tulsa Foundation for Architecture? We are always looking for new volunteers!

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  • TFA Tours (Docent or Sweeper) 
    • Please see the “Docent Training” section for more information on becoming a TFA Docent 
  • Archives 
  • Development Committee
  • Event Volunteer 

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Docent Training


TFA Docent training occurs twice per year in the spring and in the fall. 

Upcoming Docent Training Dates


Session 1: February 21st 
Session 2: February 28th
Session 3: March 6th 
Session 4: March 13th 
March 20th: (no meeting – Spring Break) 
Session 5: March 27th
Session 6: April 3rd
Training sessions take place from 6:00-8:00 PM on the above dates. 
Spring applicants will be notified of acceptance via email by Friday, February 9th. 

What is a Docent? 

The word “docent” (pronounced doe-sent) is derived from the Latin word docere, meaning ‘to teach’. Docents are trained to act as tour guides for TFA. Docents are essential to the educational mission of TFA. TFA docents are enthusiastic volunteers who share their passion for architecture to help connect tour-goers with the Tulsa community. 

Who can Become a TFA Docent? 

Anyone with a passion for architecture and a desire to share that passion with others is welcome. There are no educational or professional requirements for becoming a TFA docent. Docents will be trained on everything they need to know. We encourage all who are interested to apply. TFA respects, values, and celebrates the unique attributes, characteristics, and perspectives that make each person who they are. We believe that our chief strength lies in human diversity, both within our organization and among the communities with whom we engage. We seek out diversity of participation, thought, and action, and work affirmatively and strategically to be inclusive. For us, diversity, equity, and inclusion are drivers of organizational excellence.

How Do I Become a TFA Docent? 

Complete the Docent Application form (link available at the bottom of the page). 

Requirements to graduate from the docent program are as follows: 

  • Attend all six training sessions
  • Shadow TFA tours (three tours minimum)
  • Shadow at least 2 different docents to see the diverse range of skills and strategies employed on TFA tours
  • Progressively present tour stops (from one stop to a full tour) for the public

What are the Benefits of Being a TFA Docent? 

TFA docents receive specialized training in delivering architectural tours. Those who complete the training will emerge with a comprehensive understanding of TFA’s mission and a vast knowledge of Tulsa’s architectural heritage. When not leading tours, docents are always welcome to attend TFA tours free of charge.  Docents are invited to an annual volunteer recognition event. We emphasize community building as well as continued education. TFA is a place to make lifelong friendships and to be a part of an amazing team of passionate people. 

Is there a Cost/Time Commitment to Being a TFA Docent? 

There is no cost or fee to become a docent with TFA. Docents will be provided a TFA name tag and have the option to purchase TFA apparel, if desired. 

TFA Docent Requirements:

  • TFA docent trainees are required to regularly attend once monthly TFA Tour Committee meetings to remain involved. TFA Tours Committee meetings are held on Tuesday at 5:30 following the Second Saturday either at the TFA Center for Architecture and Design or at an offsite brewery. 
  • Docents are expected to effectively utilize email, accept and keep track of emailed calendar invitations for schedules, and occasionally participate in virtual meetings (Zoom/Google Meet) if needed.
  • Independent and group study sessions are required to be prepared for tours and learn the content.
  • Docents are required to volunteer (8) times per year at TFA tours and events in any role, in addition to participating in the monthly Tour Committee Meeting.
  • Docents volunteer for events, programs and tours and are assigned roles, whether tour lead, co-lead, sweeper, check-in, etc. depending on TFA needs and individual/team strengths and preferences.
  • Docents are required to participate in annual TFA Tunnel Tour on the Second Saturday of the month in February and August. TFA tours nearly 1000 people on those days and we need 60+ volunteers! 
  • Docents are expected to be reliable and show up for scheduled volunteer shifts. In the event of an emergency, docents are expected to notify TFA staff as soon as possible.

How do I Apply to be a TFA Docent?

You can apply to be a TFA docent on a rolling basis by clicking HERE .

Your application will be processed for the first training session that follows your application date. 

You can subscribe to our email list HERE and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on TFA news, tours, events, and programs! 

Feature Your Property


Are you the proud owner of a unique, well-designed, and/or architecturally significant residential or commercial property in or around Tulsa? We invite you to apply for the opportunity to showcase your property in one of Tulsa Foundation for Architecture’s upcoming events in 2024 and 2025! Event series include Distinctive Dwellings, Design Insider, Historic Walking Tours, Historic Neighborhood Crawls, Sneak-A-Peek and Special Edition Events. 

We typically showcase properties that are no further than (50) miles from Tulsa.



Join us in celebrating Oklahoma’s rich architectural heritage and contribute to the state’s unique cultural tapestry.


Share your property with fellow enthusiasts, architects, and individuals passionate about preserving Oklahoma’s architectural legacy.


Gain exclusive exposure for your property through our events, reaching a diverse audience interested in Oklahoma’s architectural treasures.

APPLICATION GUIDELINES: Please fill out the form below with detailed information about your property. While we consider all entries, please note that we cannot accept all submissions due to limited availability. Selections will be made at the sole discretion of Tulsa Foundation for Architecture.


We’re currently accepting applications for properties to be featured in 2024 and 2025. We’ll be in touch to discuss specific date options if your property is selected. 


We always like to let our partners know that our audience is NOT the general public. Our audience is an extremely respectful group of people who are passionate about architecture and design. Additionally, TFA is able to provide ample volunteers to assist TFA staff with events of all sizes. 


Please email us at! We’re always happy to help! 


Apply online HERE. You must be logged into a gmail account to apply.

*Image of Abbey Manor in historic Owen Park courtesy of Abbey Manor