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TFA Second Saturday Season Tickets 

TFA Second Saturday Season Tickets 

TFA is now be offering the option to purchase TFA SEASON TICKETS! TFA season tickets allow you to purchase discount ticket packages to either SIX or TEN of our twelve 2nd Saturday tours, including Tulsa Underground Tunnel Tours in either February or August. 

You can learn more and register for TFA Season Tickets HERE

2022 2nd Saturday Tour Schedule
January 8th: *The Church Studio: Birth of the Tulsa Sound 
February 12th: Tulsa Underground: The Tunnel Tour
March 12th: The Blue Dome District: It’s a Gas 
April 9th: *Changed Plans: The Skyline that Never Was 
May 14th: Destination Tour: Sapulpa, America’s Crossroads!
June 11th: The Tulsa Sound: History & Music Tour
July 9th: *Historic Tax Credit Transformation: Holberton School
August 13th: Tulsa Underground: The Tunnel Tour
September 10th: Old Town Tulsa: The Tulsa Arts District 
October 9th: Moving into Modernism: With Architect #1
November 12th: The Cathedral District: Art & Architecture
December10th: Deco in December: Downtown Deco Delights
*Indicates a new tour offering