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TFA Drafts & Design: Punch Needle Party at Cabin Boys Brewery with Beth Henley

Sunday, Apr 3, 2022
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TFA Drafts & Design: Punch Needle Party at Cabin Boys Brewery with Beth Henley

 $50 | $37.50 | Event starts at 1:00 PM | Sunday, April 3, 2022

Join TFA for Drafts & Design: Punch Needle Party. Drafts & Design workshops take place the first week of each month – Make plans to join in the fun! 

 design [dih-zahyn]


1.    to plan and fashion artistically or skillfully

Drafts and Design is a partnership program among Tulsa Foundation for Architecture and Tulsa breweries that invites guests to participate in a wide variety of hands-on design workshops while enjoying locally crafted beer. From turning historic Tulsa photos into original works of art through hand-tinting to creating Ikebana style floral arrangements, Drafts and Design offers something unique for everyone. Workshops include all necessary supplies and tools and are led by expert facilitators. A variety of local beers may be purchased to enjoy during each workshop directly from the brewery.

Get ready for your newest addiction! Join facilitator Beth Henley to learn beginner punch needle techniques as you design and make your own abstract wall hanging inspired by Tulsa architecture in this fun and relaxing workshop while sampling delicious local beers. You’ll work on a small wall hanging (approximately 8″) and gain the know-how to create more pieces on your own. The skills learned can also be used to make pillows, rugs, and more! All supplies included and after the workshop you’ll take home your wall hanging and punch needle tools.

TICKET INFORMATION: Tickets for this event are $50 for not yet members and $37.50 for members. *Please note that your beer selections are not included in the ticket price and can be purchased directly from the brewery.

TFA Workshop Tickets sell out FAST, so purchase yours today to make sure you don’t miss out!

ON WORKSHOP DAY: Please arrive 10 minutes early to get checked in. This event begins at 1:00 PM.

CHECK-IN LOCATION: Check-in for this tour will take place at Cabin Boys Brewery

1717 East 7th Street, Tulsa, OK 74104

PARKING: Parking is available in the lot just south of Cabin Boys. Ample street parking is available and is free of charge on Sunday as well.

QUESTIONS: If you have any questions, please email us at: We’re always happy to help! 

COVID-19 SAFETY: This event is primarily indoors. Masks made from a solid material that cover both the nose and mouth are strongly encouraged whenever possible. Enjoying Cabin Boys beers are also strongly encouraged!

ABOUT TULSA FOUNDATION FOR ARCHITECTURE: Your ticket purchase benefits Tulsa Foundation for Architecture, a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Our mission is to champion the art of good design and to celebrate Oklahoma’s architectural heritage through education, advocacy, and archives. Every ticket/membership you purchase and every contribution you make supports the impact that Tulsa Foundation for Architecture has on the Tulsa community. Thank you for your support! 

MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS: Did you know that TFA members receive discounted tickets for tours, program, and events? Members also receive advanced access to Tulsa Underground Tunnel Tour Tickets before they are available to the general public. You can learn more about TFA membership benefits and sign up to become a member at

ABOUT CABIN BOYS BREWERY: It all started with a cabin in the woods. In 2010, Jeff McIlroy had an idea to build a log cabin on his property in Catoosa, OK. After recruiting his son, Austin, many other friends and family jumped on board in building the cabin from the ground up. Using lumber they milled themselves from the surrounding forest and other local resources, the cabin was born. Just a short trek through the woods, and you can find an escape from the daily hustle and bustle of life.  From weddings to reunions, people experienced camaraderie with thoughtful conversations, good beers, and great memories.  This fellowship inspired our brewery’s brand, becoming our signature icon. With the help of family and friends, we built a cabin. With the help of the community, we’re building our brewery.

Austin began home brewing after his wife Lisa convinced him he needed a hobby. His home brewed ales became a centerpiece of laughter, joy, and togetherness amongst friends and family. The hobby quickly sparked into a passion for the craft beer industry, and the wild idea of opening a brewery was born. Recognizing his potential, Jeff sent Austin to the World Brewing Academy in Chicago, IL and Munich, Germany to give him commercial level brewing education. While in Munich, Lisa, designed the Cabin Boys brand and a partnership and business plan was put into motion. Taking inspiration from the European beer culture, and using the Cabin’s story as their foundation, there was a desire to create a space and a product that could bring people together. That’s why their beers are “crafted for community.”

Returning to Tulsa, we found the home for our brewery in our 9,000 sq ft building on the corner of 7th and Utica. We strive to make quality-driven ales in the traditional styles, but with our own splash of creativity. These strong and bold ales have delivered a sense of community for hundreds of years, and we as a company strive to be a part of that tradition.

Check out the brewery website and menu here:

ABOUT FACILITATOR, ELIZABETH HENLEY: Elizabeth Henley is a painter and multimedia artist from Tulsa, Oklahoma. While living and working in Tulsa, she also attended several schools, including studying Interior Design at Oklahoma State University. After several color theory and art classes, she realized her main passion was creating artwork through visual art. She began displaying her work publicly in 2015, but then refocused her pursuits to finding space in her local art scene for artists of color, specifically Black Artists in the Tulsa area. This desire to see inclusion and diversity in art led her to found and create Black Moon in 2018, an all Black artist collective here in Tulsa focused on breaking standards, pushing innovation, and cultivating creativity among her local community. With the formation of Black Moon, Elizabeth and fellow artists have shown in several galleries and exhibitions throughout the Oklahoma area. Her goal is to grow and develop her skills as an artist, but to also show representation through diversity in her pieces.


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