Preserving Tulsa’s architectural history for our future.

  • About the George R. Kravis II Architectural Archives

TFA holds a huge inventory of history on Tulsa’s built environment. Our Archives include an extensive collection of original architectural drawings of many significant Tulsa buildings and residences, with new materials donated regularly. We also house architectural periodicals (Pencil Points, Progressive Architecture, Architectural Forum, and Architectural Record) dating from 1920 to 1980, as well as newspaper clippings, a technical library, photographs, project specifications, and artifacts.

Our long-term goal is to make as much of our Architectural Archives accessible online as possible. Click for a sample of the materials in our Archives database to give you an idea of what we have in our collection.

In the meantime, if you are a researcher, have materials to donate, or would like to volunteer, please get in touch! You can email us at or call us at 918.583.5550.

Researching a building on the National Register of Historic Places? Use this link to access the full database from the State Historic Preservation Office.

In late 2021, TFA received significant financial support for our archives from the Raymond and Bessie Kravis Foundation to establish the George R. Kravis II Architectural Archives at the TFA Center for Architecture and Design. 

The Kravis Archives are Generously Supported by grants from: 

The Raymond and Bessie Kravis Foundation

  • Explore the Architects

Many of the following biographies were originally collected through an effort by the Junior League of Tulsa in 1979 in the course of their research for the book Tulsa Art Deco. For this, we offer our thanks.

Albert Joseph Love (1880-1956)

Alexander Thomson Thorne, AIA (1887-1960)

Alfred Claire "Frenchie" Fabry (1885-1970)

Arthur “E. A.” Rush (1860-1948)

Arthur M. Atkinson, AIA (1891-1949)

Arthur Samuel Keene, FAIA (1875-1966)

Asbury Endacott, AIA (1887-1944)

Beverly Nelson (1891-1954)

Bruce Alonzo Goff (1904-1982)

Charles A. McDonald, AIA (1870-1955)

Charles A. Popkin (1881-1960)

Charles W. Ward, AIA (1924-2020 )

Clarence Dillworth Walters, AIA (1896-1946)

David G. Murray, FAIA (1919-2015)

Donald McCormick, FAIA (1898-1996)

Edward Buehler Delk, AIA (1885-1956)

Edward Watkins Saunders (1878-1964)

Erich W. Sippel (1877-1947)

Francis Barry Byrne, AIA (1883-1967)

Frank C. Walter, AIA (1870-1953)

Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959)

Frank Michael Olston (1892-1963)

Fred L. Knoblock, AIA (1891-1969)

Frederick Alexander Duggan, AIA (1878-1955)

Frederick Vance Kershner, AIA (1904-1980)

Frederick Wilhelm “Fritz” Redlich, AIA (1880-1950)

George Winkler, AIA (1869-1962)

Harry Hamilton Mahler (1876-1953)

J. Leland Benson, AIA (1889-1975)

John Duncan Forsyth, AIA (1886-1963)

John V. McDonnell, AIA (1889-1926)

John Wesley Robb, AIA (1880-1964)

John, Thomas Blair, AIA (1885-1976)

Joseph R. Koberling, Jr., AIA (1900-1991)

Lawrence E. Blue, AIA (1874-1963)

Lee C. Murray, AIA (1923-2014)

Leland I. Shumway, AIA (1891-1969)

Leon Bishop Senter, FAIA (1889-1965)

Leslie B. Simpson, AIA (1885-1961)

Lyman Howland Ruggles (1868-1954)

Malcolm I. McCune, AIA (1889-1979)

Marshall Cancfield Cross, AIA (1886-1973)

Noble B. Fleming (1892-1937)

O. "Otto" Kubatzky (1869-1960)

Peters, Nelle Elizabeth (1884-1974)

Ralph M. Black, AIA (1883-1976)

Raymond Kerr, AIA (1891-1943)

Robert E. Buchner, AIA (1915-2005)

Robert E. West, AIA (1904-1987)

Robert Lawton Jones, FAIA (1925-2018)

Ross B. Baze (1903-1982)

William Alva Fry, AIA (1889-1965)

William H. Wolaver, AIA (1900-1989)

William Henry Cameron Calderwood (1899-1974)

William Henry Ryan, AIA (1924-2018)